Why HODL when you can deploy your stablecoins and earn a lucrative interest?*
*Interest rate may vary
Lend your crypto, receive interest
Why Lend?
Simplified capital flow
The Primary Lending Platform allows you to earn a high, passive income, with low entry barriers.
High interest rates
Interest rates in decentralized finance often exceed what you can find in traditional financial products.
Avoid market volatility
Earning interest on your stablecoins decreases the risk to your crypto portfolio.
How are Annual Percentage
Yields (APYs) generated?

Altcoin holders take a stablecoin loan

Borrowers deposit collateral directly into the Primary Lending Platform to receive a Line of Credit. They can use their credit to borrow stablecoins.

Users pay interest on their loans
Borrowers pay interest on their loans. The lenders' capital is protected because borrowers overcollaterize their loan positions.
Interest is paid to lenders

Stablecoin Lenders earn an APY received from Borrowers' interest payments. Interest rates are dynamically adjusted to incentivize Platform activity.
How much can I earn?
The Primary Lending Platform automatically adjusts the interest rate charged to Borrowers to economically incentivize Borrowers’ and Lenders’ participation in the platform. This helps balance the Platform and optimizes its activity.
When there is high Borrower demand, the interest rate they pay will be algorithmically increased. This attracts more Lenders and capital to the platform. Lenders, in turn, receive a share of the greater interest charges collected from Borrowers.
When there is low Borrower demand, the interest rate they pay will be algorithmically decreased. The opportunity to take out loans with low interest attracts more Borrowers to the platform.
How safe is this?

We put security first. Fringe Finance has two audits by reputable entities. We continually model our Platform's borrowing parameters to protect Lenders and Borrowers.

Smart Contract
Insurance (upcoming)
Fully Audited By Major Security Firms
Lending Insurance
Vault (upcoming)
How are Annual Percentage
Yields (APYs) generated?

Deposit stablecoins

into the Platform

Receive fTokens

redeemable for stablecoins

See the value of your fTokens increase

About Fringe Finance
FRINGE Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem dedicated to unlocking the dormant capital from traditional financial markets and all-tier cryptocurrency assets. Fringe provides lending opportunities for stablecoin holders and collateralized loans for borrowers.