Enjoy your holdings and optimize your capital at the same time.
Borrow capital
against your crypto
And dozens more
Do I need this?
Unlock dormant capital
Utilize your cryptocurrencies while remaining exposed to their upside potential.
Optimize your holdings
Use your new stablecoin capital elsewhere in the DeFi (or broader crypto) ecosystem.
Optimize your taxation
By fixing profits and losses in digital assets at the end of your reporting period, you can minimize your tax payments.
´╗┐How to take out a loan?

Deposit whitelisted


Receive a line of credit
Take out loans based on your balance
Manage the received capital as you wish

How safe is this?
We put security first and aim to lead DeFi 2.0 into a no-hacks zone. Fringe Finance has two audits by reputable entities and aims to incorporate trustless insurance. The Primary Lending Platform aims to balance low-cost premiums, security, and user experience, as well as allow users to purchase coverage and make claims.
Smart Contract Insurance
Fully Audited By HashEx
(audit report)
Liquidation Insurance
About Fringe Finance
FRINGE Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem dedicated to unlocking the dormant capital from traditional financial markets and all-tier cryptocurrency assets. Fringe provides lending opportunities for stablecoin holders and collateralized loans for borrowers.