Looking for a secure web3 home for your Arbitrum assets? With Fringe Finance you can lend, borrow, stake, and trade on Arbitrum. Powered by Custom Oracles and The Graph Decentralized Indexing.
Audited, Secure DeFi on Arbitrum.
Fringe Finance
DeFi Platform
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Fringe Finance will launch its newly audited v2 DeFi platform across 4 new chains very soon. Currently, the waitlist is open for anyone who would like to try out the platform at launch. Sign up today to be in with a chance to claim some juicy $FRIN Token rewards.
Lend & Borrow
Deploy your capital and earn interest as a lender
or take a stablecoin loan against your altcoins.
Amplify & Margin
Leverage the value of your altcoins by going long on your assets. Long or short pairs of any Fringe-accepted tokens.
Staking & Rewards
Stake your FRIN tokens in the Staking Pool and
earn rewards from the fees collected by the Fringe ecosystem.
Fringe Finance Ecosystem
Next-Gen DeFi is Coming
Take part in something special, and take part in the Fringe Finance v2 Launch.

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