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Fringe Finance will integrate RETH on lending and margin trading platforms

Integration announcement
Fringe Finance is excited to announce the integration of Rocket Pool ETH (RETH) as the capital and collateral asset on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism.
The upcoming Fringe V2 launch is scheduled for the 25th of January.

New opportunities for RETH holders

  • 🔹 Earn interest
  • 🔹 Use as collateral for borrowing
  • 🔹 Amplify exposure
  • 🔹 Margin trade

RETH Lending and Borrowing

Put your RETH to work with the Fringe lending platform by lending it out to borrowers or using your RETH as collateral to borrow other crypto assets.

Amplify your RETH position

Are you bullish on RETH? Amplify your position with this asset in a single operation. Specify the leverage, and Fringe Finance smart contracts will handle everything else.

Margin trade with RETH

Specify the long and short asset, your desired exposure, and leverage.

Soft launch

Users are invited to explore the soft launch, providing valuable feedback for further improvements!
Feel free to join Fringe Finance community and share your feedback at: