What is Fringe Finance?
The Fringe Finance platform is dedicated to unlock the capital in speculative cryptocurrency assets by providing loans collateralized by these assets. Holders of these more speculative assets who have conviction to the upside price opportunity of their assets can now put these assets to productive work instead of just waiting idly for their price to appreciate.
Media about Fringe
Fringe Finance is a lending protocol that aims to engage different cryptocurrency assets from Tier 0 to Tier 2 and stablecoins in the decentralised blockchain economy.
Raising funds is one of the biggest issues for nascent projects across DeFi. As the competition for investors’ funds grows, it becomes a challenge for them to attract..
Ever since the very first DeFi project, MakerDAO, launched on Ethereum in 2015, the sector has shown remarkable growth. Several multi-billion dollar protocols have emerged..
Media about Fringe
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